The Omega Seamaster GMT Aqua Terra Blue Dial Chronograph Replica

The Omega Seamaster GMT Aqua Terra Blue Dial Chronograph ReplicaOmega watches have always been one of my biggest weakness but the sad part is, I can’t afford the original one.

So, to please my heart, I go ahead and buy the replica of my favorite Omega watch, which obviously fits in my pocket and also fulfills my greedy heart.

Well, today we are discussing the replica of Omega Seamaster GMT Aqua Terra Blue Dial Chronograph, an incredible watch with all the premium touch.

What’s on Front?

The Omega Seamaster GMT Aqua Terra comes with a blue dial, surrounded by beautiful and eye-catching stainless steel color.

Both hour and minute hands go thinner towards the tip as compared to the center part but minute hand only has a wider arrow on the tip.

As far as second hand is concerned, it is designed comparatively thinner than other two hands with a rounded arrow, which has a sharp end.

The bezel fo the watch has 60 minutes marking with an interval of 5 minutes, making a total of 12 blocks, which also have a further subdivision of 20 segments.

Adding more, the watch also features two sub-dials side by side for the full 12-hour chronograph. The GMT hand is also there on the left subdial and comes in red color, which gives a different look all together.

The hour markers of the watch are also unique and look like a half cone. But a noticeable thing here is, 3, 6 and 9 hours are not indicated at all and surely it is justifiable as there is no enough room for these markers.

What’s on Sides?

Like several watches, this Omega replica also doesn’t feature anything on the left side.

But what makes it look different is the two push buttons on both sides of the crown, which sits in the middle. These two buttons could be used to control the chronograph.

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This replica of Omega Seamaster GMT Aqua Terra packs a Japanise Movement, which is not as good as the original one (obviously) but still enough to give a power pack performance.


As far as the bracelet is concerned, I must say that the bracelet which comes with this replica watch, looks like a premium one.

With length almost 210mm and breadth around 20mm, the watch fits perfectly on the wrist and also gives a very premium look.

Key Points of Replica of The Omega Seamaster GMT Aqua Terra:

  • Movement of this replica watch is based on Japanese Technology.
  • Date Display Window at the bottom of the main dial, just above the six-hour marker.
  • Dark Blue Dial with two sub-dials for the chronograph.
  • Comes with polished stainless steel bracelet for a premium experience

So, these were the key points of the replica of incredible Omega Seamaster GMT Aqua Terra.