The Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Replica

As we all know that Omega always comes up with a premium watch but for those can’t afford this premium watch like Omega Speedmaster Chronograph, there are makers who claim of making a replica of these premium watches. Today, we are discussing the look and feel of the replica of Omega Speedmaster HB-SIA Co-Axial GMT Chronograph.

Now, first of all, you should know what is HB-SIA in the name?

Here HB-SIA refers to a plane, which was originally designed to run on solar power. And the project of building such plane was partially sponsored by Omega.

omega speedmaster replicaLike the name suggests, the original watch is powered by a co-axial caliber 3603 automatic movements but being a fake/replica, the device is powered by Quartz battery, which also gives a satisfactory performance but still, it would surely be a missing point but seeing the price point, it’s all fine.

As the original, this replica Omega consists the hour, minute and second hands. Additionally, it also has the fourth hand, whose tip is designed like an airplane (believed as a tribute to HB-SIA) and the GMT inscribed onto it. As per as explanation, this fourth hand completes one rotation in every 24 hours, however, it’s working in replica’s model is still unknown.

The hour indicators are same as the original one, small greenish rectangular solid with a white finish at the border. In between these hour indicators, there are odd numbered markers which are in a 24-hour format.

There are three sub dials, probably of the same size,  among them two are 60 min recorder and 24 hours recorder.

Additionally, there is a date display window in the middle corner of two subdials at the right side of the watch.

Like a normal radium lines, all these hands have the ability to glow in dark after sudden exposure to light.

As far as the exterior is concerned, there are two push buttons aligned diagonally to the main button at the right side of the watch. The buttons are positioned at a perfect place without sticking out too much. But still, the grip isn’t compromised.

Like original, the replica watch doesn’t have titanium finish, but still, the stainless polished steel gives a shiny and premium look.

Here are some key points of this replica of the Omega Speedmaster HB-SIA Co-Axial GMT Chronograph:
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Date Display Window at eye-catching place
  • Extra hand, with GMT inscribed on it and the tip is like a plane.
  • Perfectly aligned push buttons
  • Runs on Quartz Battery
  • Tachymeter inscribed on the bezel

Despite lacking several things, the watch fits perfect for men who want to show off a bit before their friends.