The Omega Seamaster GMT Aqua Terra Blue Dial Chronograph Replica

The Omega Seamaster GMT Aqua Terra Blue Dial Chronograph ReplicaOmega watches have always been one of my biggest weakness but the sad part is, I can’t afford the original one.

So, to please my heart, I go ahead and buy the replica of my favorite Omega watch, which obviously fits in my pocket and also fulfills my greedy heart.

Well, today we are discussing the replica of Omega Seamaster GMT Aqua Terra Blue Dial Chronograph, an incredible watch with all the premium touch.

What’s on Front?

The Omega Seamaster GMT Aqua Terra comes with a blue dial, surrounded by beautiful and eye-catching stainless steel color.

Both hour and minute hands go thinner towards the tip as compared to the center part but minute hand only has a wider arrow on the tip.

As far as second hand is concerned, it is designed comparatively thinner than other two hands with a rounded arrow, which has a sharp end.

The bezel fo the watch has 60 minutes marking with an interval of 5 minutes, making a total of 12 blocks, which also have a further subdivision of 20 segments.

Adding more, the watch also features two sub-dials side by side for the full 12-hour chronograph. The GMT hand is also there on the left subdial and comes in red color, which gives a different look all together.

The hour markers of the watch are also unique and look like a half cone. But a noticeable thing here is, 3, 6 and 9 hours are not indicated at all and surely it is justifiable as there is no enough room for these markers.

What’s on Sides?

Like several watches, this Omega replica also doesn’t feature anything on the left side.

But what makes it look different is the two push buttons on both sides of the crown, which sits in the middle. These two buttons could be used to control the chronograph.

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This replica of Omega Seamaster GMT Aqua Terra packs a Japanise Movement, which is not as good as the original one (obviously) but still enough to give a power pack performance.


As far as the bracelet is concerned, I must say that the bracelet which comes with this replica watch, looks like a premium one.

With length almost 210mm and breadth around 20mm, the watch fits perfectly on the wrist and also gives a very premium look.

Key Points of Replica of The Omega Seamaster GMT Aqua Terra:

  • Movement of this replica watch is based on Japanese Technology.
  • Date Display Window at the bottom of the main dial, just above the six-hour marker.
  • Dark Blue Dial with two sub-dials for the chronograph.
  • Comes with polished stainless steel bracelet for a premium experience

So, these were the key points of the replica of incredible Omega Seamaster GMT Aqua Terra.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Replica Omega Watch

replica omega watch precautionsOmega is a very prestigious company and hence we don’t need to take care of much if planning to buy a premium watch, but here we are discussing few things which we need to take care of, before buying a replica Omega watch.

Now, to those who don’t have any experience in buying a replica, let me tell that a replica watch is nothing but a twin brother of the original watch as far as look and feel are concerned.

In several cases, the replica watches have several features and also maintain the premium feel, like the original product.

However, if you have decided to go for an Omega Replica Watch, here are the few things which you need to keep in mind before purchasing one.

Points to Remember:

  • Always decide which watch you want to buy by looking at the original Omega (from its official website). Sometimes the replica watch makers change the look of the watch and make completely different, so always choose which watch you want to buy by seeing the original one.
  • Also read the proper description including the features of the original watch, so that you could know what features are missing the replica one and hence decide whether to buy that or not.
  • Before selecting, understand your requirement of that watch. I mean, you want a watch for a business look, party look or for a casual look. It all depends on the mood and the requirement.
  • Once you selected which product you wanna buy, compare it on different websites, to get a perfect deal.
  • Keep in mind that you are buying a replica, so never expect the same quality as the original one, but still, you can expect the identical/similar look.
  • Go with every fine detail, so that you could understand what product you are buying.
  • Read about features of the replica watch and also read about the material used to make it.
  • If you are planning to buy this online, then go only with trusted or reputed sellers.
  • Read the reviews and see the ratings of Omega, you are planning to buy.
  • Remember that in some part of the world, buying replica watches is illegal and hence you need to learn this before buying. Understand the legalities before buying anything.

So, these were the few points which you should remember before buying an Omega replica watch.

With the Omega Replica watches, you can manage to show the charm without spending much money.

Replica of The Limited Edition Seamaster 300 “Spectre”

omega seamaster 300 Nothing would be more awesome than wearing a limited edition watch, especially if it’s been used in the James Bond movie, Spectre. Well, we are talking about the incredible Seamaster 300 “Spectre”, which is a limited edition watch.But wait, here we are not talking about the original one, but the best replica version watch of the original one. More than one version of Seamaster 300 Spectre replica are currently available in the market.  So if you are planning to go for it, please have a closer look about its specifications and other features.

The replica which we are discussing here is released by V6 factory, also called KW. This replica is one of the best-seller Omega replicas. As per as reports, the first batch of the replica watch was sold within minutes. So, here we are discussing why this replica watch became so popular and became a best-seller of its time.

As per as exterior look is concerned, the Seamaster 300 is somewhere identical to the original one with sharp dial and hour markers. One thing, which makes this replica watch out of the box is its simple design with all the premium features (almost).

What’s in the Main Dial?

The hour hand has an arrow like a tip whereas the minute hand is pin point sharp at the tip touching almost the circumference of the main dial. The second hand has a rounded tip, just like a lollipop.

The main dial uses the Panerai patented sandwiched structure with a pitch black base. The hour markers, as well as the minute, hour and second hands, are filled with some filled with superlumed materials, which starts glowing in the dark.

What’s at the Sides?

The crown sits on the right side of the brushed panel, with an omega logo inscribed onto it.

The other side (left side) has nothing but a solid stainless steel supporting the back of the watch.

It also has a black ceramic bezel which rotates in one direction, unlike the original one which has capabilities of rotating both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Rotating bezels on the original device can be used to time events, measure elapsed times, or read second or third time zones.

Specification of the Replica of Omega Seamaster 300 (Limited Edition “Spectre”)

  • Movement of this replica watch is based on Miyota 8215 Automatic, 21J, 21600bph.
  • No Date Display Window (Doesn’t come with the original one as well)
  • Black Dial with lume effect on the hour markers and second, minute and hour hands.
  • Comes with Nylon NATO strap bracelet for a comfortable experience for a long time.
  • Also, has Black Ceramic Bezel which rotates unidirectionally and stainless steel all around the watch.
  • James Bond iconic number 007 inscribed on the belt holder.

These specifications put-together make this replica watch awesome and a must have for guys who want to show off with James Bond edition watch without spending a lot of money on it.

The Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Replica

As we all know that Omega always comes up with a premium watch but for those can’t afford this premium watch like Omega Speedmaster Chronograph, there are makers who claim of making a replica of these premium watches. Today, we are discussing the look and feel of the replica of Omega Speedmaster HB-SIA Co-Axial GMT Chronograph.

Now, first of all, you should know what is HB-SIA in the name?

Here HB-SIA refers to a plane, which was originally designed to run on solar power. And the project of building such plane was partially sponsored by Omega.

omega speedmaster replicaLike the name suggests, the original watch is powered by a co-axial caliber 3603 automatic movements but being a fake/replica, the device is powered by Quartz battery, which also gives a satisfactory performance but still, it would surely be a missing point but seeing the price point, it’s all fine.

As the original, this replica Omega consists the hour, minute and second hands. Additionally, it also has the fourth hand, whose tip is designed like an airplane (believed as a tribute to HB-SIA) and the GMT inscribed onto it. As per as explanation, this fourth hand completes one rotation in every 24 hours, however, it’s working in replica’s model is still unknown.

The hour indicators are same as the original one, small greenish rectangular solid with a white finish at the border. In between these hour indicators, there are odd numbered markers which are in a 24-hour format.

There are three sub dials, probably of the same size,  among them two are 60 min recorder and 24 hours recorder.

Additionally, there is a date display window in the middle corner of two subdials at the right side of the watch.

Like a normal radium lines, all these hands have the ability to glow in dark after sudden exposure to light.

As far as the exterior is concerned, there are two push buttons aligned diagonally to the main button at the right side of the watch. The buttons are positioned at a perfect place without sticking out too much. But still, the grip isn’t compromised.

Like original, the replica watch doesn’t have titanium finish, but still, the stainless polished steel gives a shiny and premium look.

Here are some key points of this replica of the Omega Speedmaster HB-SIA Co-Axial GMT Chronograph:
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Date Display Window at eye-catching place
  • Extra hand, with GMT inscribed on it and the tip is like a plane.
  • Perfectly aligned push buttons
  • Runs on Quartz Battery
  • Tachymeter inscribed on the bezel

Despite lacking several things, the watch fits perfect for men who want to show off a bit before their friends.

Why Most Omega Lovers Go With Omega Replica Watches

As we all know, Omega is an internationally recognized brand, which manufactures high-end watches and these watches are highly popular in the international market. But despite being an international brand, most people don’t go with the original watch and search for some replica Omega watches of the best selling Omega watches.

Well, there are several reasons why people go with replica watches but the most important reason is its price.

omega replica vs omega genuinePeople choose to buy a $500 replica watch than buying a $100,000 original Omega watch, as it seems identical (only by looks).

Now, one must understand that a product price depends completely upon the features and quality, so never assume to get exactly same features or quality as the original one.

But if you are looking for a branded-looking watch to impress your friends and don’t have much pocket-power, you can definitely go with the replica watches.

Here are few benefits of having an Omega replica watch:
  • You can have multiple such watches and hence can wear different every day, which will definitely give a positive impression in your friend circle (unless they come to know the truth).
  • You need not take a great care of your watch as you can buy another if it gets broken by any means.
  • You can save a lot of money, which can be used for other important stuff or you can buy dozens of Omega replica watches of different look and style.
  • No can usually identify that you are wearing a replica Omega watch (unless he/she is an expert), so you don’t need to worry about getting shamed for wearing replica Omega.
Things to be known before buying a replica Omega watch:
  • Replica Omega watches don’t usually come with scratch-resistant glass, so to maintain the glossy look, you need to take care of its glass.
  • They are not usually (at least not 100 percent) dust-resistant and water-resistant and keep away from dust and water.
  • Luxury gold watches have original 18k solid gold, whereas the replica watches have only gold plating or not even that.
  • Original watches come with lifetime or at least few years of guaranty/warranty whereas the replica Omegas don’t usually come with a guaranty.
  • If you are planning to buy the replica watch from an online store then always check its rating and consumer reviews as it will help knowing the product more accurately. Never go for such replica watch, which has very low consumer review.
  • Do read the specifications and features of the watch you are going to buy. Don’t go just by seeing the pictures as sometimes the pictured product is different from the actual.

So, these were the things to be taken care of while buying a replica Omega watches. Buy and Impress your friends.